Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Summer?

Crazy week! Got back Monday. We didn't do a whole lot except laundry until Thursday. Thursday, we went up to Storm Lake and hung out. Friday, we started the traditionally "Petersen weekend at the lakes". Got the tents set up, air mattresses up, beds made, everything ready to go didn't happen. Sometime before bed, after dark, our tents flooded. We no longer were able to camp. Kyle's dad was nice enough to let us commandeer the large cabin.

It started off by looking like we weren't able to go boating :( After getting ready, eating breakfast, and running to Walmart, we were eventually able to get out! Madeline loved it and even got in the water. It didn't last long. Her, dad, and grandpa went in so Madeline could sleep but she wasn't able to.

We got back in, set up our tents/beds/camping materials, ate supper. Relaxed by the fire. Unfortunately, another line of storms came threw. This time, the sirens went off. The 6 adults, Madeline and two dogs headed into the Hartje's crawl space. What an eventful night!


We decided to stay in Storm Lake. Enjoying an awesome episode of True Blood!!!!


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