Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goodbye, my Love

My last entry on our second leg of the trip. We are finished with Charleston. So many highlights from today, where to begin? Breakfast (eggs Meeting street)? Guided tour of historic Charleston? Dolphins frolicking in the water heading out to Fort Sumter? Spending an hour at Fort Sumter? Visiting the Marketplace? Amazing supper? Who knows!!

What a great day!! Most of the day was spent on our tour. We started at 10:00 with a guided bus tour of historic Charleston. the latter half of that tour was a stop by Fort Sumter. (For those of you who don't know, that's where the Civil War began in 1861.) On the ferry to get out there, we spotted about 10 dolphins swimming close to us. We got back around 2:30. Ross headed up to the room to relax, while I headed out the sightsee. First stop, the cemetery we were at the day before, but I didn't realize John C. Calhoun was buried there. (History note for non-history people: he was Secretary of State, Secretary of War, and VP during the Civil War.) Off to the Market. Good thing this was all in a 6 block radius. Got some cute things at the market. I could have spent HOURS and hundreds of dollars there.

Once I got back, we spent some time researching a new camera. Oops! Then, off to supper. I know it's early, but we didn't have lunch and we are going to bed early tonight since our Amtrak train leaves at 5! Until Savannah....


I have fully fallen in love with Charleston!!! Who cares that it smells; it probably smells better than me!! (especially with all this heat!)

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