Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not an angry Asian, but still a broken camera....

It's me again. Charleson really is my town, so I'm in charge of the blog. If you ask me, today was AMAZING. It began by sleeping until 10! Yeah!!! We got ready and enjoyed breakfast at the local spot Toast. Enjoying breakfast is an understatement. We split an order of fried green tomatoes, topped with a crab cake, then a poached egg, topped with a roumalade sauce. Not to mention a side order of grits. AMAZING!!! Then off to explore. We were a less than a block away from our hotel and this random cemetery showed up. We decided to go in. As we were looking at the old tombstones, I tripped. I went down HARD. Unfortunately, the camera broke my fall. It also broke in the process. I skinned my knee up too. We went back to the hotel to try to work on the camera. We got it into somewhat working shape and headed off again.

The first stop, the Old Slave Market. What a surreal feeling. We were in the exact spot that they bought and sold slaves. No pictures allowed though, not that it really matter. Our fricking camera is broken. We read tons of information, heard testimonials from former slaves (previously recorded for those non-history buffs), and saw artifacts. We spent a good 30 minutes there and it isn't that big of place.

Next stop...the French Hugenots Church. Amazingly beautiful. Right when we walked into the cemetery, there was a sign stating that Charles Pinckney was burried there. (Another history buff thing). I got a picture of his tombstone after scrutinizing the tombstones. Another surreal feeling. We saw tombstones dating all the way back to the 1700s!!!

Okay...Ross headed back to the hotel. He wasn't feeling well. I headed off to find some place that sells cameras because tomorrow is Fort Sumter. Luckily, CVS Pharmacy is about 1 mile from here. I got to see A LOT of really interesting and historic while looking for it.

the rest of the day is going to be spent hanging out in the hotel and cooling off. Tomorrow's adventure is made up of a tour of historic Charleston followed by 1.5 hours at Fort Sumter. It should be a good day. By the way...bought the's for a fricking PC!!!!!!! Good thing it was only $20.


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