Sunday, June 20, 2010

"There's been a Savannah"-The Office

Not too surprising!!! It's been a GREAT trip. We got here Friday around 6:00 a.m. Andy picked us up. We headed over to Courtney and Andy's adorable carriage house apartment. We hung out until we met Courtney for lunch at Zunsi's. It was the first of many amazing meals!! We went to Target...we needed to buy a new camera. (Didn't happen) We headed to Pelk and I bought a suit. I know it was our first day in Savannah, but Andy and I headed to a movie. Ross hadn't slept since Wednesday so he went back to their house and slept. We went and saw Toy Story 3. VERY good movie. The coolest thing was that we met up with someone who worked on the animation (the wheeled "characters"). Cool to see her name up on the big screen during the credits. Once the movie was over, he picked up Ross and met up with Courtney to go Moon River for BBQ. Another AMAZING meal!!! Off to Lulu's Chocolate Bar for great desert cocktails. Friday was a pretty low-key night.


We were BUSY!! We headed to Bonaventure Cemetery, Fort Pulaski, Wormsloe Plantation, and then to Tybee Beach. Not to mention the Crab Shack for lunch!! We got back in time to get ready to head out for supper. We went to the city market and got Vinnie VanGoGo's pizza. To say one slice of pizza was enough is an understatement! Once we got done eating, we headed off to the bar where the pub crawl started.
We managed to get crazy drunk during the pub crawl. We visited 4 pubs. The best thing about Savannah...OPEN CONTAINER IS LEGAL!!! We ended up at a bar singing karokee. Bedtime came around 3 a.m.


Sleep in!!! When I woke up I didn't realize it was 10 o'clock already. We got ready and had a brunch at J. Christophers. Crabcakes Benedict with cheesy grits!! :) After lunch, we spent about an hour just driving around town. We saw a bunch of squares, the Mercer house, their old apartment and its resident (a cockroach), and a store where they sell nothing except honey and anything dealing with honey. The thing is about is either breathtakingly beautiful or the hood. There is no happy medium. Courtney and I dropped the guys off and we headed to the market. We stopped at the candy shop and took a carriage ride. That lasted about an hour. We came home and are now waiting for supper. We are grilling tonight. Courntey is relaxing in bed. I'm relaxing on the couch. Andy and Ross are in the kitchen cooking.

As soon as I get home, I'll get pictures up.

We head home tomorrow...we leave around noon. I GET TO SEE MADELINE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! Although, it has been a GREAT vacation!! It'll be nice to get home for a few days before we head off to the Lakes.

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